Welcome to a new set of Rosary Mysteries, the “Mysteries of Healing”.  This “New Rosary” was a gift revealed to me by the Holy Mother through the Holy Spirit.  It was given to me by way of divine inspiration following many years of devotion to the Holy Mother. One morning while I began praying the rosary to the Holy Mother for the intersession of the healing power of Jesus, the “Mysteries of Healing” were revealed to me one by one.  The reason that I say that these mysteries were of divine inspiration is due to the fact that I did not consciously work to develop them, they just came to me as I recited this "New Rosary".  I faithfully believe that my devotion to the Holy Mother through the recitation of the “Rosary of Healing” helped to gain the healing power of Jesus in several instances since this beautiful gift was revealed to me.  I also believe that I can’t in good faith keep this gift to myself and must share it so that the miraculous healing power of this prayer may be shared and advanced by other believers. That is the reason that I have developed this website.  It is my hope to have this beautiful and comforting prayer circulated around the world to as many of the faithful as possible.  Please forward this website on to anyone who is ill or who may have loved ones in need of the healing power of our Lord.  May the Holy Mother intercede to her beloved son, Jesus on behalf of all that have faith in His healing power.


Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.”


Yours in Christ,



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